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Fitness On the Fly – Travel Friendly Workout

Posted by lifelinefitness on Nov 20, 2016 4:32:11 PM

Inevitably your fitness can be distracted during increased travel whether it’s holidays, work or vacation. Particularly as we embark on holidays, not only does exercise decrease, so does sleep, but caloric intake increases which are key drivers to falling off the wagon for the 6 weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Here are some ways to stay on track:

Short, High intensity Exercise

While you may need to reduce your training time, you shouldn’t stop altogether. Studies show you can prevent declines in cardiovascular fitness for up to three weeks by simply doing higher intensity exercise for as little as two days per week. Check out this HIIT workout of high intensity interval training in less than 30 minutes.

Three Words...Forced. Family. Fun.

Holidays are a time of family, why don’t you show them how much you care about them by engaging them in your fitness routine this season? This could be as simple as signing up the whole family in a 5K Turkey Trot or volunteering to take your nieces and nephews to the park and create your own obstacle course.

Rise and Shine.

While increased social calendar can make morning workouts more challenging, it is shown that morning workouts are more consistent. While you may be more physically adept in the afternoon, there are many distractions like holiday happy hours and cookie bakes. Set the alarm and make it happen.

You Can Do It Put Your Back Into It.

Nothing makes you work harder than the expensive gym membership with all the great equipment, however there are some amazing body weight exercises that can be done from the hotel to grandma’s living room. Here are 6 exercises you can do anywhere...All you need is YOU! :

Do this circuit 3 times for 10-15 reps per exercise, this can be done under 30 minutes:

  1. Squat to Jump
  2. Spider Plank
  3. Lunge Switches
  4. Bear Crawl - The benefits aren’t limited to strength endurance and core strength. The cross-body patterning involved in crawling also helps to build new synapses in the brain, even in adults.
  5. Plank Push Up
  6. Burpies


For more exercises to mix up your fitness routine, check out our selection of over 150 exercises.

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